The Board of Directors (BOD) can create advisory committees made up of residents to assist in coordination and recommend policies to the BOD. These recommending committees can be valuable stepping stones for future resident BOD members, as these volunteers are exposed to, and trained in, the legal limits, liabilities, and the fiduciary responsibility of the BOD.

These committees can include event and pool committees, architectural control committees, and/or finance committees, and are able to dive deep into their specific field. The recommending/voting seats on the committee are usually filled with residents that are willing to commit to regular meetings and with backgrounds in the specific fields (like accounting), or a keen desire to fully understand the inter-working of the committee’s specific area (like pools).

Once the community has a significant number of homeowners, the developer begins to request volunteers for committees. Developers generally begin committees when community home ownership reaches about 50%.

Once these committees and their members are established, committees (through their official voting members) will hold meetings where other residents can provide valuable insight and feedback on subjects covered by the committee and will then give official recommendations for their assigned areas to the BOD. The BOD then balances the recommendations from all committees and any additional information, before recommending their official policies, yearly budgets and sets dues for members.